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English Spankers Porn – Mia

Another fresh week and time for another English spankers porn gallery to be brought to you for the afternoon. In this nice scene we have none other than the sexy and hot brunette Mia in her sexy and fresh scene. She is an employee for the cleaning company that we told you about in a previous update and you know what those guys are all about.


If you are not satisfied with the service you get to spank the naughty maid all afternoon long if you want. No refunds though. It’s safe to say that this babe got herself a nice and loyal customer that always asks for her and today you get to see what it’s all about.

The thing is that this babe can’t really clean but she does enjoy her time with the stud as well. And so since she regularly gets to his place, you can be sure that the sexy babe along with the guy engage in some kinky and sexy times together. You get to sit back and watch this babe in action once more as she bends over and lets the guy pull off her sexy black panties to show off that perfect round ass and her simply superb wet pussy. See this cutie getting spanked for the afternoon and do drop by next time for some more fresh and sexy scenes. And do check out the past updates if you want to see some more hot and horny babes in action guys and gals. we promise that you won’t be disappointed one bit by the content. Don’t forget that you can find similar galleries inside the jb video website. See you soon as usual!

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English Spankers – Mean Amelia

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to our site with one more sexy update day. You may remember that we had a cute and sexy little blonde getting her sexy little ass punished by an older lady some updates ago, and that woman comes back along with the same blonde for another simply superb and sexy update. WE told you that the naughty blonde is crazy about this kinds of kinky bound gangbangs treatments, and since she was all along with the old lady for today she decided to take advantage of it and be naughty again and get her sexy ass punished just for your viewing pleasure. So let’s get this show on the road shall we?


Well once more after she does her naughty thing she gets to visit the room and lays on her belly on the lady’s lap. And you get to see her sexy white panties pulled down to reveal that nice and round ass that she packs under her skirt. Watch this sexy and hot blonde moaning in pleasure as her naughty butt gets worked, and see the old lady using her expert hands to punish the nasty and kinky blonde today. We wanted to bring you this update as a thank you for following us for so long and enjoying our content, and you can expect to see even more superb scenes just like these in the future. Anyway, see you guys next week once more and until then enjoy this! Also you can click here and watch other hot fetish babe posing sexy!

See naughty Amelia getting spanked by her grandma!

Molly Malone’s Red Ass

This nice week we bring you a superb and sexy little red headed babe in our English spankers update as she gets her fine and naughty ass punished. Her name is Molly and she’s a pretty sexy and hot babe as well with a sexy body. Well it’s only natural for her master to decide to have fun with her butt, as few guys actually manage to resist her temptations. And like most of the babes that you got to see here, she is very very into getting herself a nice and good spanking as it turns her on more than anything else. Let’s sit back and watch this sexy little cutie in action along with her punishment scene and let’s enjoy her superb update without any more delays.

For this scene Molly was dressed in a nice and sexy dress with a checkered pattern and she had some white panties on her that worked nicely along her sexy knee high white socks as well. You get to see her bent over a chair with her ass in full display, and of course the dude takes those sexy panties off to reveal her sexy and round ass along with her perky wet pussy today. Enjoy this nice scene of hers today and see her moan in pleasure as she gets her sexy butt spanked with a wooden paddle and make sure that you watch all of the images in this nice and sexy update today everyone. We will be seeing you again next week with even more amazing stuff. Also you can watch some glove sex movies inside the http://glovemansion.org/ blog! See you next time! Stay tuned!


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English Spankers – Mr. Stern

Well Mr. Stern is here once more in our galleries as his help is required for this nice update. This time however it’s not some fresh random lay, but his very own wife. The naughty lady has cheated on him, and he needed to do something about it without delay. The reason why she cheated is simple, she just wanted him to be more assertive and stuff, and it seems that her plan has worked. For years she wanted to get a nice an hot kinky spanking on her ass from him and this was the day that it finally happened. So just sit back and watch this lovely and sexy scene unfold for your viewing pleasure today everyone. We know you’ll like it.

english-spankers-mr.-sternAnd we bet that Stern is happy about his wife in the end as well, as she’s one superbly sexy and hot MILF with a incredible body. She always has style and grace and she just adores silk.even today you get to see her lift up her simply gorgeous silk dress that made her look super sexy to present her man with her lovely and sexy ass and take her spanking session for the afternoon. Sit back and catch some nice views of her mature pussy as she gets bent over and her ass slapped and enjoy her making cute moans every time the guy’s hand makes contact with her nice and lovely butt cheeks. Enjoy it as usual everyone and see you next week with some more! Also you can visit the GloveMansion blog and watch some similar videos and pics!

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Masie Dee’s Lovely Bottom

Masie Dee is a very lovely and hot petite babe, and today she’s the main feature in our fresh English spankers update as she has her very own scene. We know that you will simply fall in love and adore this lovely little cutie’s scene as she gets her scene and shows off her goods as well as her posing skills for the afternoon today. Well Mr. Stern was here with her and since she was very very anughty today she would get her punishment for sure. And like usual you get front row seats to the sexy show with her. We know that you are eager to see her in action, so let’s not delay any longer and see Masie getting her time in the lime light today shall we guys?

The cameras start to roll, and the first thing that you get to see is this lovely cutie who is looking just like the chicks from jb video as she makes her entry wearing a super kinky and sexy lingerie set on herself. Well Mr.. Stern wasn’t happy with her choice of clothing and so he decided to take it upon him to teach this cutie a nice lesson by spanking her sexy ass. Well what he doesn’t know is that this naughty babe actually gets turned on by that, and you will get to see what we’re talking about in just a second. She bends over and as the guys spanks her sexy and fine ass, this slutty babe starts to rub and finger fuck herself while she gets spanked. Enjoy her scene and see you guys next week! Until then, enter the thebigassgirl site and see some booty babes shaking their round asses!


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English Spankers – Ludella Hahn

Another fresh week is here, and like always it’s time for another superb scene to be revealed to you guys today. In this new gallery we bring you the lovely and naughty lady named Ludella Hahn as she gets that fine butt spanked nicely by an older woman. The lady is her boss, and she happens to be her secretary, and her spanking is fully deserved today. She was suppose to file some documents, but she forgot all about it, and when she said to this woman that she’d do it later, she lost her cool, as she always likes her employees to have punctuality. Well that and she wanted to have fun with that sexy butt for this afternoon too.


And so, this fresh and hot scene took birth with our sexy and tall blonde boss lady getting around to punish Ludella’s naughty and sexy ass just for your viewing pleasure everyone. Sit back and enjoy seeing this incredible hottie getting her panties taken off, and the camera gets a nice and sexy view of her superb and cute rear end as well as her pussy. Enjoy seeing her cute butt cheeks getting all red as the lady’s palm spanks her nicely for the afternoon. Enjoy this superb and fresh update like usual and see you guys next time with more. We hope that you take the time to check out the past updates as well for some more naughty ladies getting punished. For similar fetish material you can see sicflics videos and pictures on the http://sicflics.org/ blog! Have fun! Also, you can join the hdwetting.org site and see some kinky ladies wetting themselves!

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Mean Girl Lola Marie

Today your number one source for sexy babes is back with one more sexy and hot English spankers update. For this fresh scene we bring you one amazing and hot scene update with a special little lady. Her name is Lola Marie and she’s a very sweet and cute little ebony babe that just adores having fun, just like the chicks from the elite spanking blog. Well she likes having fun of the kinky kind, and today she was going to do anything in her power to make this guy give her a nice and good spanking one way or another. And to be honest we imagine that any guy would simply accept straight up the offer, but it’s not as fun without the foreplay now is it. So let’s see her in action today shall we?

This sexy and hot chocolate babe makes her entry to the living room where the old guy was enjoying some TV this afternoon and she was ready to spring her little plan into action. She starts acting naughty and kinky and the guy knows exactly what this babe looks to receive for the afternoon as it’s not the first time that the babe does this kind of thing. Watch closely and see this babe bending over in his lap, and see her panties getting pulled off to reveal that nice and brown behind that was waiting for a good spanking today. Enjoy that naughty ass of hers punished today and see you guys next time with some more amazing and hot scenes as always! Also you can enter hot Mistress T‘s site and see a kinky mistress spanking her fuck buddies!


Watch this naughty ebony hottie getting her ass spanked!

English Spankers – Leia Ann

This fine and fresh week we bring yet another simply superb and sexy scene to your screens and it’s quite hot, well as always. Once more we find ourselves in the company of a rather naughty and sexy little maid that misbehaved and her employer decided to discipline her with his nice and big paddle for the whole afternoon. The name of this sexy babe is Leia Ann and the thing is that she’s always rather naughty and outspoken about how she feels. And since this guy has pretty much had enough of her tantrums he was going to punish her today, and as always you get to see it all just here today. So let’s not waste any time shall we?


The scene starts with this fiery and naughty red head entering his office in her full outfit, and as you can pretty much guess, this babe gets to loose her outfit pretty fast and reveal those sexy and hot curves to the camera today. She is looking just like the kinky babes from dirty garden girl videos, so  watch closely and see her undressed and see her bent over the chair with her naughty and sexy ass in full view of the camera and you guys as the guy prepares to deliver some well deserved punishment. See her naughty ass spanked today and watch her starting to moan in pleasure as she seems to be enjoying this type of treatment. We hope you liked her nice and sexy ass getting all red and see you guys next time! If you want to see other slutty babes getting their asses spanked, join the kenmarcus.org site! Have fun, guys!

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The Cleaning Company

Hey there once more everyone and here we are with yet another sexy little English spankers update. In this hot and fresh scene we bring you another naughty and sexy lady as she gets her fine and sexy butt spanked until she learns her lesson. This cutie is part of a cleaning company that sends over some sexy maids to take care of the house if you can’t. And they have a catch. They don’t do refunds for jobs not so goodly made, but they do allow the clients to punish their little ladies with a good and sexy ass spanking if they’re not happy about the service. And today that was just the case with this lovely and cute sexy babe. So let’s get started!

This business man that hired her rarely has the time to do the cleaning and he always ends up calling their service. Well he always asks for the same cutie, and every time she ends up getting punished. But that’s not to say that both of them don’t enjoy it. The guy couldn’t care less about the way this sexy little woman cleans around the place and he always just wants to see her because of her sexy and hot body. Sit back and see as this lovely and sexy cutie bends over once more and takes off her panties to give you a great view of her sexy butt getting all red from the spanking, and see as she also gets to have some more fun with her client afterwards! For similar videos click here and watch some similar content, or visit the colorclimax.org website! Have fun!


Watch here this hot babe getting her fine ass all red!

English Spankers – Amelia Jane Rutherford

Hey there guys, and welcome to another super sexy and hot little scene that we have for you today to see. In this one we bring you the sexy and hot house maid named Amelia Jane and her sexy scene. She serves this elderly couple that are pretty stuck up at times, and they rarely agree with how she does her job. But not to worry as this cutie is always ignoring their recommendations. And she does that because of two things. She is rather kinky and she does enjoy it when the couple get to punish her as they make sure to take care of her hot and horny body, and the second would be that she always forgets about them anyway.

english-spankers-amelia-jane-rutherfordWell today sexy miss Amelia was in for some more punishments as the couple called her to their room to question her about her duties one more time. Well our rather naughty and kinky blonde didn’t have anything to say in her defense so she just took her pot on top of the couple in bed and let the man lift up her sexy and cute skirt, and pull down her sexy and cute white panties as well. Watch him using a paddle to spank her cute and naughty butt today and hear our babe moan in pleasure for the whole duration. We hope that you’ll take the time to thoroughly enjoy this scene and we’ll be seeing you guys next week as always with some more amazing stuff! Also you can watch some jab comix vids insite the http://jabcomix.us/ blog! If you’re looking for some great face sitting scenes, check out the http://www.brutalfacesitting.org/ site! Enjoy!

Watch here Amelia getting her round ass roughly paddled!

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