Leather Spanking

For today we have another english chick getting punished for being such a naughty girl. She was caught by her teacher trying to cheat on a test so she was taken out of the class while the rest of her classmates continued their work. She was caught before but no one took her outside the class for it. After her class finished she was taken to the principle’s office for a talk. She was so afraid to fail her English exam that she agreed to anything just to get out of it. So after everyone left her teacher thought of an interesting way to give her a lesson. He took her to the cafeteria and started playing with her. But he got bored quickly and before you know it she had her pants off and ended up getting spanked with a leather belt. A first she started screaming but afterwards she was enjoying it and kept on asking for more and more.If you enjoyed this you should definitely check out the chateur cuir leather pervert scene. I’m sure you guys will love this update and hope you check out the entire gallery.

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