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English Spankers – Aleesha Fox

English spankers is the brand new site that brings you some very hot and horny little British babes getting their naughty little bodies punished. And in this first hot and sexy scene for the day we bring you none other than sexy miss Aleesha Fox along with her simply superb and sexy gallery of images. Miss Fox is a brunette cutie with a pretty amazing and sexy body and she was very very naughty indeed. So in her scene she gets to be punished by this guy as he takes his paddle and aims to discipline this fine little cutie for the afternoon. Let’s watch this amazing scene unfold and see our lovely babe in action for today’s superb and sexy little update shall we?

Well she may have thought that she’d get away with whatever she did, but the master caught on pretty quick, and asked her to come in his office. Well she knew that she was in trouble and there was no way out of it, so she resigned herself to her fate. Sit back and see as this guy makes her bend over on his chair, and takes off her sexy little panties to show off that naughty ass and perky wet pussy in full view just for you guys today. Sit back and watch her sexy and naughty little ass spanked hard by this guy and see her cute moans as the paddle makes contact with her pale and smooth skin. We hope you will like it everyone! If you enjoyed this scene, join the http://modelstied.net blog and see some beautiful models getting tied up and spanked!


Watch here this sexy babe getting her hot ass spanked!

Leather Spanking

For today we have another english chick getting punished for being such a naughty girl. She was caught by her teacher trying to cheat on a test so she was taken out of the class while the rest of her classmates continued their work. She was caught before but no one took her outside the class for it. After her class finished she was taken to the principle’s office for a talk. She was so afraid to fail her English exam that she agreed to anything just to get out of it. So after everyone left her teacher thought of an interesting way to give her a lesson. He took her to the cafeteria and started playing with her. But he got bored quickly and before you know it she had her pants off and ended up getting spanked with a leather belt. A first she started screaming but afterwards she was enjoying it and kept on asking for more and more.If you enjoyed this you should definitely check out the chateur cuir leather pervert scene. I’m sure you guys will love this update and hope you check out the entire gallery.

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Watch here this babe getting spanked with a leather belt!

Slutty babe gets spanked

Enjoy watching this hot babe having her ass spanked, just like she wanted the whole day today. She had a huge surprise when she noticed that her butt cheeks were so milky white lately, since she had no kind of fun like this since forever. So, she asked her lover to do something about it and show her the real spanking, like she deserves too. Since she was such a bad girl lately, she really deserved this kind of a treatment.

See how she is going to bend over, letting him come and grab her butt cheeks and take off her panties, just to make sure that she is ready to receive a proper lesson. You are going to have a huge blast watching this scene, with this cute babe being dominated by her lover. Just like you’ll see in this hardcore scene here, you will have a great experience, watching the most outstanding domination videos. Enjoy guys, and see you the next time with more exclusive scenes.

slutty english spanker See this babe’s butt cheeks being spanked!

Spank and Paddle

We have another cutie getting her fine ass spanked and paddled in this hot update. She was in this relationship with this older gay that had all kind of fetishes. At first she was a bit worried but with time she started to enjoy them. Well the other day he had a new thing that he wanted to try out. He heard from some friends about this spanking fetish and he wanted to try it out. The hot chick was expecting some spanking but using his hand not all kind of things he found around the house.

She tried to change his mind, even put on her finest lingerie and did her best to get that idea out of his head but with no luck. After a few more spanking session she started to like the pain. He liked him to much to leave him and from now to then she could accepted one of his fetishes. So don’t miss out the curvy babe getting her ass spanked and all red. If you want more hot fetishes you must check out  fetishliza.org to see another nasty brunette in some insane scenes. Enjoy it!

Spank and Paddle

Take a look at this cutie getting her ass spanked!

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